Tuesday, December 21, 2010

my life...

assalamualaikum.. (:
i hope u all alwys hapy, hapy n hapy.. nothing interesting about me.. nothing special about me.. for my life, i never get a memory like a moment that i can't forget it until forever.. i want to be a good person, but i know even im do smthng true smtime it can be an effect for other person.. maybe its nothing for me, but smtime its take heart to other person.. but.. if im wrong, please remind me.. if i do that, please advise me, but dnt attack me.. im so sory if any my speech and behaviour make u all hate me.. -__-
no matter what.. guys, maybe i will lose of my friends.. but i dnt know is it true or not.. but, i must get ready if anythng happen to me.. i didnt mean that i want hate anyone, while, i must be strong to face any fate.. im very lucky get a frieds like u all.. we are friends forever.. (:
love u all.. 

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