Sunday, December 12, 2010

maafkan dayah..

hmmm.. agak sukar utk lakukan semua ni.. harap ketabahan dlm diri ni semakin menebal n terus menebal...
jauhknlah drpd iman ini lemah.. ml td mimpi akn kehilangan lg.. dayah tau dayah akan kehilangan semua org 1 hari nnt.. :'(
dayah .. hmm.. its dfcult to say.. but anyway, i will love u all until the end of my life.. why must i crying.. hm?
i must to be strong. nothng in this life are difficult if we try to solve it! why can't u try dayah????
try to be strong n smile alwys.. do u still rmmber about ur smile?? dont take it difficult.. but try to manage it until the problem settle..  ya Allah please come with me.. give me a stronger.. i cant stand in this world without You.. :"( ya Allah.. please help me settle any my prblm.. i need Your help.. and i need You.. wther i happy or sad.. You are my heart.. 
ya Allah.. forgive me.. let me crying for a while... i need  a peaceful.. but.. i will always smile.. bcz the smile they will mention that im okay.. :'(

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